Sunday, 13 July 2014

QuickBooks is an accounting application

QuickBooks is an accounting application which you can install in your computer and access it for your accounting purpose. It is easy to access when you are in your office or in your office premise. But with the day to day busy schedule, you often have to remain out from your office for which you may be unable to access the QuickBooks software. So what if you are on a road trip and want to access the software, you can chose QuickBooks Hosting or Hosted QuickBooks as your option.
If you have to frequently stay out of your office, your employees work out of their home or your offices are located in different locations, you will have to look for options that can help you to remotely access your QuickBooks database. The options that are available are-
Taking the help of remote access tools- There are tools like log me in or go to my pc which can help you to access your computer remotely. All you have to do is to keep your office computer running and log in to it through another computer via internet. This works fine for infrequent access, however it might be pretty slow. Likewise, it implies that you need to leave that office workstation running while you are gone, and that can create various security issues. This works for intermittent gain access by a single client, but do not work when the volume of work is high or have multiple users accessing from different places
Taking the help of terminal services or remote desktop services- This can permit you to gain access to your computer from a remote area, however there are expenses. Because it is only supported by more expensive Quick Books enterprise version. Much of the time you have to set up a complex   server system, and perhaps pay higher expenses for client licenses. And this type of system is not easy to setup and requires sound technical expertise.

QuickBooks Online Edition- This is another option you can opt for but QuickBooks online Edition is completely different form QuickBooks desktop version. The interface, characteristics and add on selection is different.

Hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Hosting- In QuickBooks hosting, you chose a hosting service provider and pay a monthly rent to Host QuickBooks in remote servers. And you can access your data via internet. The advantage of choosing a hosted service provider is that multiple users can access the data, complete security of data and best technical support for any issues that arises. It saves your money and extra man power required to maintain the data.

These are the Benefits of Hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Hosting-
1.       Clients can gain access to their Quick Books and information records administration from anyplace and at whatever time. Clients can additionally concede access to bookkeepers/accountants or trusted workers at remote areas.
2.       QuickBooks Hosting clients don't need to be concerned with overhauls or System reinforcements. Since the QuickBooks software is on hosting provider’s terminal servers and the product is constantly upgraded with the most recent version. Likewise, hosting companies perform every day back up of the QuickBooks information records, and the backup are transferred to a remote area. Accordingly, customer information is protected in the occasion of disaster
3.       Each characteristics of QuickBooks desktop editions is available with QuickBooks hosting.
4.       It reduces the IT cost incurred by the users as all the technical issues are looked after by the hosting companies.

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